Remote Support SCCM, Intune and Windows 10

Why Remote Support?

  • Designed specifically for small to medium-sized companies as a cost-effective way of obtaining technical support for SCCM, Intune, and Windows 10, or, to de-risk the existing knowledge and roles within a company
  • In comparison to the traditional approach to technical resource engagement, Remote Support is extremely efficient, our flexibility and agile scheduling with proven experts working promptly behind each and every task cuts through work in far less time, leading to more work getting done
  • All manner of SCCM, Intune and Windows 10 related work can be passed through the service, from guidance, to design, implementation and support
  • Easily keep on top of hour usage using our private and secure work authorisation system, participate in scoping with a dedicated package manager, and approve and monitor tasks as our engineers work through them
  • There’s no charge for when the service is not in use, and it remains available for a year
  • Responsive SLA’s mean assistance with emergency-based technical issues is guaranteed, and tasks can be planned and a Remote Support Engineer assigned swiftly

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