Office 365 Support and Deployment

MS Office is a stalwart of the computing age.

If you use a computer from day to day, chances are you use Word, Excel, Access, or Outlook more than frequently. We know that Office 365 is likely to be a key player in your IT strategy: we can chat about your needs, design and implement a package to suit them, and offer support in your day-to-day use. Whether you’re looking to deploy or migrate from another system, we are available to consult about how Office 365’s many features and cloud-based service can work for you.

As an essential tool to a productive business day, Office 365 ensures full, remote access for users, so you can work from wherever you need to be. As well as an entitlement to ten full desktop copies per user, Office Online means you can access your important documents or make last minute changes from any device with an internet connection.

Yep, this means full compatibility across mobiles too, so your access is truly 24/7. As a cloud-based solution, data storage is covered by up to 50GB per user, and we can also sync with your company servers for further backup and storage options. Office 365 works with Azure AD to manage users, creating a bulletproof, cloud-based recovery system so the dreaded ‘computer problems’ never come calling!

Skype for Business provides a central management for your internal and external messaging and conferencing, also offering screen-sharing support. Exchange Online email hosting offers the latest in security and defence, so your sensitive information is under lock and key.

Office 365 has everything you need for the smooth running of your business, and working on a per-user, per-month basis means it’s totally scalable for any size organisation or operation.

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